a member of Genesis Group

We are a corporate agency based in Umhlanga, South Africa. We develop real time solutions for SMB’s, Enterprises, and Large Institutes. Our projects are managed by skilled professionals and we provide a full-serviced approach.

Web Design and Development

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality code. Our developers adhere to strict development methodologies, using best practice frameworks and methods. This results in code that scales well, is clean and easy to maintain. Our clients trust us to deliver work that looks as good under the hood as it does on the outside.

Online Marketing

As an ever-increasing number of consumers are engaging online, it is absolutely imperative for brands to allocate a significant percentage of advertising budget to digital media. Whether your campaign calls for banners, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, social media advertising or the like, Lima Bean’s team of experts are proud to offer their services.

Search Engine Optimization

Given search engine saturation and the pressures of competitive industries, the importance of proper SEO cannot be overstated. Our scientific approach to SEO entails best practice SEO code principles, keyword-rich content marketing, and skillful, concise copywriting – ensuring unbeatable online exposure for your brand.


We are available 24/7 or you could schedule a meeting with us.